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Powerful Recovery Right from the Start

At Med Rehab Therapy Center, we're dedicated to giving every patient effective, personalized care that quickly leads to powerful results. Treatments are based on a partnership between you and your therapist and combine leading-edge technology with traditional, hands-on care. We go beyond the scope of your specific injury and take our goals to heart - whether it's returning to your job, getting back on the playing field or simply walking without pain. Armed with this knowledge and a customized rehabilitation plan, we work with you through every step of recovery. It's this combination of clinical expertise and personalized care that achieves such great results for our patients. So whether you need intensive rehabilitation after an auto accident or quick recovery from a strain, you'll find powerful treatment right here.

Led by Strong Experience and Training

Dr. Shazad is currently practicing as a clinician in Northfield. He is a Certified Consultative Examiner for Department of Labor, Division of disability determination and active Member of American Physical Therapy Association.

Dr. Shazad earned doctorate degree in physical therapy from Boston University. He is also a credentialed clinical instructor from the American Physical Therapy Association. . Dr. Shazad have written and presented two abstract papers on evidence-based practice at the World Confederation of Physical Therapists Convention in Vancouver, Canada. He is an active member with the American Physical Therapy Association.

Dr. Shazad has combined all this with many years of practice, including over three decades of extensive experience that includes geriatrics, sports medicine, back and neck injury, orthopedics, neurological cases and post surgical cases. As a result of his broad background, Dr. Shazad is able to offer patients fast relief and lasting healing for everything from muscle strains to back and neck pain to postoperative cardiac care. Dr. Shazad has helped thousands of people getting back to work and play. He can help you.

Effective Care for Every Condition

We have achieved great results for many conditions - from neck strains to foot injuries to spinal injuries. A few services include:

  • Cardiac rehab after heart surgery
  • Spine rehab (includes back, neck and associated soft tissue)
  • Shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle rehab
  • Sports medicine (rehab of sports injuries, including the return to sports activity
  • Soft-tissue injury rehab (especially effective after car, bike or motorcycle accidents)
  • Pre- and post surgery rehab
  • Vestibular rehab and Balance related problem
  • Geriatric rehab and fitness program
  • Auto-accident rehab
  • Workers' Comp. injuries

We can also accommodate patients who are fearful of rehabilitation by implementing a graduated program that starts with the gentle initial treatments. We listen to your concerns and progress at a pace that's comfortable for you, until together, we achieve full recovery.

The latest Equipment for a Speedy Recovery

At Med Rehab Therapy Center, you benefit from reliable, expert advice and specialized treatment that's necessary for maximum healing and lasting relief.

What To Expect At Your First Visit

During your initial visit, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation using a combination of hands-on techniques and high-tech evaluation equipments. Each diagnosis is followed by a highly specialized and personalized treatment program for your specific problems, featuring the latest techniques. Your treatment options are many and include:

  • Whirlpool
  • Low Level Laser (Cold Laser)
  • Iontophoresis
  • TENS units
  • Traction/ Decompression Table
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Hot/cold packs
  • Gait training
  • Biodex Balance System
  • NU Step Machine

Redefining Personalized and Accessible Care

We go the extra mile for all our patients. Unlike many larger therapy centers, we never treat patients like numbers. We give each patient the time and special attention that they deserve. We take the time to answer all your questions and address any fears or concerns.

We also provide many convenient options to get you the care you deserve. That's why we accept many insurance plans as well as Auto Accident Insurance and Workers' Compensation. Should you not be covered by insurance, we also offer flexible payments plans and cash discounts.

In addition to payment conveniences, you'll find the added benefit of flexible appointment times to fit your busy schedule.

We maintain clear communication with your primary-care physician, beginning with your initial diagnosis and continuing until your recovery is complete. We send progress reports and reevaluation report, if needed, to your employer, insurance company, attorney and case manager.

If you're looking for powerful pain relief and lasting recovery, we invite you to come in and see how our unique brand of personalized care can help you get back on your feet quickly.

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